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Scampi Fry & Dairylea Lunchables on the 176 to Penge

23 Oct

LOCATION: The 176 to Penge.

PRICE: £2.18 (buys multiple sandwiches)

BREAD: Diarylea Lunchables biscuit things.

FILLING: 2 squares Dairylea Lunchables shiny ham, 2 squares Dairylea Lunchables shiny bendy cheese, 1 Scampi Fry.

PROS: We were hungover and I can’t deny that we just wanted to cram as many filthy snacks into our faces as possible. This was infinitely more pleasurable because we felt guilty for doing it; what kind of sicko sandwiches Dairylea Lunchables with Scampi Fries?

CONS: Apart from the fact that this is obviously sick, the ‘sandwich’ was one dry, crumbly bastard, even when washed down with a warm can of London Pride.  Also, it’s really quite incredible that the smelliest of all snack items, the Scampi Fry, is totally overwhelmed by the Lunchables; the flavour is, remarkably, completely lost and we all know that they properly KIFF. That’s just like, anti-science or some shit.

Still went back for a second though.

SCORE: 2/10